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Today mobile phones used not only as a device to send and receive sound from the distance, today the mobile phones remind us a personal digital with the same functionality and technical characteristics. Installing additional software on the mobile phone has become a common phenomenon, it allows you to use this device as a tool for access to the Internet, or as a navigator, or as an email client, and this list is appends a large number of other useful features, what you can install to your mobile phone.

Just like in any other digital device, controlling and manipulation files and data is a priority for all users. For example to save an SMS or contacts or text notes for further use and do not accidentally delete it or move them to a folder in a right place that is easy to open and see they - it seems quite necessary and important.

Private Folder is a mobile application running on a platform of Symbian OS, the main purpose is to manipulate personal data, such as contacts, text notes, SMS messages and files stored on your phone or memory card installed on the phone. With this tool you can easily create and save files in the private folder, access to this folder can be closed with a password. Files stored in this folder will be hidden by the operating system of the phone from the other programs, as well as from direct access from the user, which makes those files more secure.

The program is designed there you can easily create and view private files, notes, contacts, SMS messages from application itself. Additional automatc features to help you manage your SMS messages, so you can configure the program to automatically move incoming and outgoing SMS messages into a private folder, and the remote control give you access to clear the private folder from the distance via command SMS. PIN code setting will denied access for using application, hiding app icons will help to protection of data, and import and export files, SMS, contacts and notes will help move and store them in XML format, for storing data to a different external drives.

A complete list of features and options see below, for more information you can contact via feedback through Contacts menu.


Application does not use data encryption algorithms.

The Private Folder application provides a handy tool for managing personal information, which allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily create, delete, edit, personal contacts, including addresses, names, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, addresses, web pages, and other fields, and save them into a private archive.
  • Create, delete and edit text notes in the hidden folder.
  • Copy any sms messages from phone into the private archive.
  • Turn ON or OFF feature to automatically copy all incoming and outgoing SMS messages from phone standart folder into the private archive with automatic removal of them from a phone.
  • Enable or disable the automatic blocking all outgoing sms message. Outgoing messages will be automatically deleted from the phone standart folders.
  • Remotely controll the data. Application can automatically run the commands, if an incoming SMS message contains a special format. User can set the password and phone number for restricting the access to this function.
  • Additional features for the conservation of contacts, notes and of all SMS messages into the XML file will be very useful in case if user want to store or transfer data to other storage.
  • Autostart at boot time of phone.
  • Application is password protected. User can change the password at any time or disable the password prompt. In case if password will be lost user can reset it to default value using the Reset PIN which is also can be changed.
  • Application is password protected from unistallation or in time of installing the new version of application. In this cases will be appear password prompt for protection. User must enter the password and press OK button, if entered password is wrong or user press Cancel button, unistallation will be canceled (supported only in S60 3rd Ed.FP1, 3rd Ed.FP2).
  • From v2.3
    + Added settings -> Hide from task list - for hidding app icon from prone tasks list.
    + Added settings -> Autoboot - to ON/OFF autostart application at boot time.

  • From v2.4
    + Added options menu -> Restore from XML - for restoring Contacts, Notes, Archive SMS.
    + Added menu -> SMS/Blocked SMS - for viewing all blocked SMS.

Device and settings:

Below desribed the settings of application and specifications of mobile phones supported by the application.

Operation symstem

  • S60 3rd Edition FP1
  • S60 3rd Edition FP2
  • S60 5th Edition
  • Symbian Anna
  • Symbian Belle


  • Russian
  • English

Default PIN

  • PIN: 12345
  • PIN Reset: 54321
The demo version is absolutely free for download and use but its functionality is limited by the next parameters:
  • The user can create only:
    - one contact;
    - one note;
    - private archive can store only one SMS (each new SMS replaces the previous one);
  • Automatic function for storing SMS into archive is available only for outgoing SMSs.
  • Remote control is limited. The next list of commands not supported:
    *****;del.sms - this command removes SMSs only from "Sent" folder.
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