SMSTRONIC - allow you to send SMS messages automaticaly to group of contacts, by the calendar time. First of all you need to checkout SMS messages with PayPal, create contacts, create group of recipients, add contacts to group and after that configure SMSTRONIC scheduler.

1 Creating CONTACTs

Select top menu Address Book - Contacts, - '+' and enter contact First name, Last name, Phone number;

2 Creating GROUPs of contacts

Select top menu Address Book - Groups - '+' and enter Group Name;


3.1 select top menu Address Book - Groups 3.2 select group name from list and click to name. 3.3 select '+' to view list of contacts and press '+' against of selected contact for adding it to the group;

4 Creating new SMSTRONIC

Select top menu Address Book - SMSTRONIC - '+' to create new smstronic.

4.2 Configure days

Press button 'Once' - to configure smstronic send sms only once.
Press button 'Per Day' - to configure smstronic send sms every day.
Press button 'Per Week' - to configure smstronic send sms by selected week.
Press button 'Per Month' - to configure smstronic send sms by selected month.

4.3 Cofigure time of selected days

Select hours and minutes when sms message will send.
Is mmportant warning : smstronic have static configuration of time zone, the current time of smstronic you can view on the screen above buttons of configuration days. SMSTRONIC is in the Eastern European Time Zone . Eastern European Standard Time ( EET ) is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT+2 ).

4.4 SMS message

Enter 'Subject' - name of created smstronic Enter 'Message' - text of SMS message.

4.5 Add recipients

Press button 'Add recipients' for adding recipients group to created SMSTRONIC ( be sure that selected group is not emty, if group is empty please add contact to group see 1 - 3 section ).

4.6 Enable/Disable SMSTRONIC

To enable smstronic press button 'Activate', in this case service will be enabled.
To disable active smstronic press button 'Active' to enable disabled state.


To save smstronic press button 'SAVE'.

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